Sunday, April 8, 2012

The people's plinth

Inspired by local art teacher Henry Sunderland's instructions in The Press, to celebrate Easter this year we made bunnies out of plastic milk bottles. (Henry Sunderland is the originator of the idea of putting flowers in road cones as a commemoration of the first anniversary of the fatal 22 February Christchurch earthquake.)

The big guy screwed the rabbits on to some short lengths of wood.

Then we went out and put them on road cones nearby our house.

The city is still littered with road cones, indicating the extent of the damage to roads and pavements and underground services, more than a year after the earthquake.

I think there's something really interesting going on here, which is expanding the definition of public art. The road cones, symbol of damage and endless dust and mud and dreariness in our post-quake daily lives, have been adopted by locals as The People's Plinth; a place for showing and enjoying the creative expressions of local people.

I look forward to the next participatory public art project. We'll join in.

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