Monday, December 6, 2010

"Satiation is no longer a dream"

Calling all Art Lovers

"For the art hungry who are feeling the cold fingers of cultural starvation gnawing at their vitals, satiation is no longer a dream. Melissa Sharplin has popped up like the genie from the lamp to show the world her latest exhibition "Swit Swurl" held at Archibalds Audi showroom. Wrapped in a dress by Gillian Melhop, Melissa, looking gorgeous, almost competed with her own paintings."

from CC: See and Be Seen, issue 9, 3 December 2010, p.8.

More art writing like this, please. I shall get on to EyeContact about it.


JoeGreenz said...

Fabulous daaahling!cgregor

Robyn said...

I was going to buy a painting, but as the artist looked so gorgeous I made an offer on her instead.

Paul said...

I was going to buy Gilbert the Social Editor, but then I saw the Amazing Christmas Deals on Italian Design Kitchen Appliances