Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The 6pm call

Ring ring! Ring ring!
Pause. Click.
"Hello! I am from the computer maintenance department."
"Of what?"
"The computer maintenance department for all the people in New Zealand who are online on their computers."
"I am from the fuck off department."
Of course I didn't say that, it would have been rude. But I should have. I wish I had.

Bloody cold-calling call-centres. They are the new Jehovahs witnessses.


Art Mama said...

I've had a couple of those calls too. These guys with Indian accents told me they were from Microsoft and needed to remotely access my computer. I told them I didn't have a computer, although the fuck off department one would have also been fun.

mary-may said...

and then they need a password or two, and wizzz, 13k disappear in an on-line transaction from your bank account. Or is it only the peps of porrirua who're tha easily taken in?
Yep, place me in the 'f-off' club.