Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Towards a newer Centauromachy

"Next Halloween I'd like to be a centaur. All I will need is the back end of a horse to attach to myself. Or maybe I could get a two-person centaur costume. I would be at the front end, because I'm better with people than Hamish is. Plus, if you were at the back end of the costume, there would be fart danger. If I was at the front then it would be me doing the farting."

Image titled 'A young centaur, with a kind of disturbing grin', from the Capitoline Museum, via Katie.

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Unknown said...

We can't bring back the people and we can't bring back the buildings. But at least we still have Cheryl and the little guy, and all the other little guys and their families.

Rebuilding the city of thoughts and dreams and emotions, or at the very least keeping it in an ongoing state of construction, elaboration...

Centaurs and people, together in this...