Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Left cheek, please

"Personally, which in my case and many others is I think almost to say professionally, I have been disturbed by the huge increase in treating arse-kissing as an acceptable way of life that has seemed to me to be characteristic of the art world in recent years."

Artist and essayist Jeremy Gilbert-Rolfe, responding to Frieze's online survey about the rise of professionalism in the art world.


Geoff Hume-Cook said...

Dear Cheryl, I hopped on over to your blog via OTN. I am a Wellington-based Documentary Maker (Not sure if I should leave a phone no. here?) I was put onto them by an Art Curator (no names is best at this stage ;-) ) because I am making a documentary on a Visual Artist whose work is in the Auckland Festival 09.
From the little bit of your writing that I've just read, it seems to me that you might know something important about the NZ art scene and this artist's position in it, that could help me. I am not sure how I contact you off-blog. If I can would you let me know how I can call or e-mail directly?
Thanks, Geoff

Cheryl Bernstein said...

Not sure that I know "something important" about anything very much Geoff, but you're welcome to contact me offline via the email address in my blog profile.