Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sick call

Not much going on today for me: have caught the small guy's foul bug and have been malingering around the house feeling sorry for myself and pretending to do some work while updating my Twitter stream.

However, I thought this was quite funny. In a too-much-time-on-hands kind of way that I don't seem to experience myself much anymore. (Via the excellent Hrag Vartanian.)

And Reuben Paterson's comments on Isaac Julien's New Zealand project were a bit of an eye-opener. Crikey.

And I'm delighted to hear that Deidre Brown's big book on Maori architecture to be published by Penguin is due out soon. Excellent, authoritative, thorough, controversial in parts, much needed, etc. She really is one of our important scholars.

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