Monday, July 27, 2009

What we don't do

The first week of the school holidays, it rained. And the baby had a cold. We were like caged lions prowling around a pen, thoroughly bored with the unchanging scene and, it must be said, with one another's company from time to time. It seemed that everything interesting the small guy thought of to do, an adult would forbid. And when an adult thought of something to do, that happened to be the exact thing that no one much fancied doing right at that moment.

But the small guy, ever resourceful, sat down and spent a couple of happy hours compiling a list of Wild and Dangerous Deeds. Here's his personal guide to the Things We Don't Do.

1. Riding a bike off a cliff.
2. Running with scissors off a cliff.
3. Microwaving an egg.
4. Jumping off a high diving tower.
5. Sleeping in a roller coaster.
6. Sleeping on a ferris wheel.
7. Saying you stink to a bully.
8. Jumping out the window.
9. Playing cricket in the street.
10. Sleeping on the windowsill.
11. Surfing in the sewer.
12. Walking on the fence.
13. Touching your nose to the hose.
14. Climbing up a tall building.
15. Jumping off the Grand Canyon.
16. Eating a fly.
17. Eating a dynamite sandwich.
18. Eating a bug.
19. Using the clothesline as a flying fox.
20. Eating a poo. [Bit desperate, this one. Just to bring the count up to the round 20.]

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