Wednesday, July 9, 2008

"He doesn't always talk a lot"

Laurence Aberhart, Vicksburg, Mississippi 1988, collection of Auckland Art Gallery

As he doesn't always talk a lot, in public anyway, don't miss this opportunity to hear New Zealand photographer Laurence Aberhart speaking about his work. Catch Kathryn Ryan's interview with Aberhart, which includes his thoughts on taking pictures of Maori meeting houses, the problem of disappearing photographic paper, and the parallel histories of photography and New Zealand, here for a limited time.

And although I'm not really much of a gambler (wonder when the NZ TAB will start offering odds on the Montanas like the British bookmaker William Hill does on the Man Booker?), I'll plonk my money down on Victoria University Press's Aberhart to take out the Illustrative category of this year's Montana Book Awards. The content's just too good.

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